Maybe useful, Maybe not, But hackers on the track!


           Almost all organizations have their IT system where they store their important information and transactions. And these systems are highly confidential and protected by the organization provided with security features that only top managers and the IT officer in-charge can access to it.  It has a great contribution to its success especially in acquiring new customers and creating loyalty. If this information are not protected it can create powerful problems that could lead to the fall down of a company.

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                Hackers are one of the challenges that an organization faces now a days because they can alter, modify other certain information of the organization if they enter and have access to the company systems. Some hackers are multimillion-dollar theft and they are considered as the greatest threat in every IT systems of the organization especially if they well sell that information to its competitors. They can also sabotage the company if they will make alterations or upload a virus or worm in there system.

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            Sometimes they are useful in determining the security level of the system because they can give them an idea that they can divulge the secrecy or the privacy of the organizations system. This situation also serves as a room for improvement of the organization to enhance their security in order that it will not happen again. The acceptance of the claim that they did a service to a company in detecting its weak points when they are caught depends to the extent of what the hackers have done.


True or False? The demand for College Educated workers will diminish due to the increasing amount of decision making carried out by the Software

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         Software has become one of the most important assets of the organization. Almost every organization requires software for telecommunications, accounting, inventory, productivity applications, and other factors and services that is essential on its operation. It has a major impact on the entire organization especially in decision making. Software is very useful in finding the best decision especially in solving structured problem but not to unstructured problem due to lack of information and uncertainties. Moreover, there are decisions which are beyond the capacity of the software to predict. Some alternatives and options do not clearly bring out a better outcome. Because of these circumstances the demand for college educated workers will not diminish.

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                In addition not all business has software especially small enterprise that still uses the traditional method. Moreover, we also know decision making is made by top level managers and only few organizations involve their employees. There are also instances where they do not involve low level workers. Due to the fact that human resource is very important in every organization especially in acquiring new costumers, providing services. Because workers are hired for their skills and not all college educated workers have the same skills and degree, there will be always a demand for them.

A Twist in Business Cause by High Speed Broadband Connections

images        The accessibility of internet connection contributes to a lot of improvements in the daily routine of an individual. When most of the population has high speed broadband connection everything is almost possible. Now a day, online streaming has replaced video stores since people prefer them because they are free and they only have to pay for the internet connection. There is a possibility in the near future that other establishment will close and the operation of the existing business will experience a great twist in offering and providing their services.

Not just clothing stores will engage in offering their product through web but also other products and online shopping will be rampant and only few people would refer to go to physical stores. Because of these events it will give rise to online banking where the customers could pay through the web without going to the bank. Publishing company will also be affected due to the existence of pdf and e-books copies of the articles, books, novels and other reading materials. These could greatly affect their operation and it might be the reason of the downfall of the publishing industry.  Newspaper, tabloids, broadsheets and magazines will experience massive loss because, news spread through the internet easily.  People do not need to buy a map because of the existence of GPS.

The demand for televisions will decrease because people can watch their favorite series any time without sticking with the schedule. Due to high speed internet connection, there would be less paper works and the production of paper will lessen. The demand for Telephone Company will diminish because people tend to prefer online video conferencing. It also give rise to online tutorial schools and open universities where everyone can learn anytime, anywhere even in their homes.


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To establish an industry standard and gain competitive advantage are one of the main goals of any profitable and even non-profitable organization. One way to achieve this greater penetration of the market, some companies use OSS (open source software) which can help them on their operations. Probably OSS will proliferate since many advocates argue that its inherently safer and stable because it is publicly accessible and any person especially the programmers can view, edit, modify, correct errors, improve the current code and extensions and plug ins to enhance the functionality of an application and they can also change code. Moreover, it has fewer bugs compared to other software since thousands of independent programmers review the code, and it can offer more flexible technology and quicker innovation by incorporating and collaborating ideas from a diverse set of experts from different countries and cultures. OSS is generally fixed, updated and upgraded immediately.

In OSS, programmers who improve such software do it for fame and recognition by their peers the world over that’s why these extensions are free for all to download and use. OSS mostly helps to save money and also to improve operations. Moreover, lower costs of marketing and logistical services are needed for OSS. It helps companies keep abreast of technology developments and a good means to promote a company’s image, including its commercial products and services.  As of know many organization and even the government have decided to move to open source software.

          The major disadvantage is that the development and support depend on the continued effort of an army of volunteered developers.  It may allow hackers to know about the weaknesses or loopholes of the software more easily than closed-source software but it depends on control mechanisms in order to create effective performance.

A Gadget or A Device? CONFUSING IS’NT IT?


          Twenty first century marked the rapid growth and advancement of technology where most of the world population has direct access to its development. Innovation became the main target of developers to improve their products. Every year there is always a launching of new gadgets and devices in the market. But before choosing what’s best for you, first let us know why gadget is different from a device. It’s impossible to tell, where the boundary between a gadget and a device lies because it really seems unclear. For example, a digital camera is mainly called a device (or just a camera), though a new and a cool mobile phone with many modern applications and functions would be called a gadget.

          The word ‘gadget’ could be defined as a new, unusual device, mostly used for entertainment; yet also for household and security. They are all meant to make our life easier or more entertaining. Whereas a ‘device’ means any tool or instrument used during a particular work to achieve the desired result or a constructed tool. These two different words could be defined as they have almost the same meaning, though a gadget is always a device, but a device is not only a gadget.

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Some example of gadget are iPod, Smart phones, webcam, GPS, televisions, radio, Bluetooth and etc. while for the helpful devices are hearing aid, wrist watch, computers, laptops, projectors, USB, and etc which supports every person on its daily life. Whether it’s a device or a gadget, both of them are widely spread all over the world, created and used for different reasons.

Factory of the Future


           If everything in the future will be automatic and there’s no need for a manufacturing personnel to input data into information system and all the necessary information will come directly from customers to suppliers, more over if there will also be no need to type data for payments and collections, do you think it’s a Pro or a Big No?


             This kind of system requires a lot of investment in Information System and it is suitable for larger manufacturing companies but costly to small enterprises. One of these is the use of RFID (Radio frequency Identification). This was already used in other well-developed countries where it can detect products that should be recalled or return because of hazardous components and accurate condemnation of expired items. It also help to discover where the product was produced. Through this the customer can ensure its safety and health wellness. In addition the supplier can replaced or fixed their products immediately because It does not also take long to determine if there are existing flaws. For example if the product is already expired, a transceiver detects the fact and alerts personnel to remove the item from a shelf of its reseller. Through this it can also distinguish products which are faked or genuine because RFID tags comes with unique identifiers in order to avoid frauds.


      It is a part of CRM Systems that serves its customer better in a lower cost. This requires the customer to give their private information like their Credit card Number and some of these often violates the customer privacy. It also automatically records your store visit and the details of you purchased. For the company they must ensure the accuracy of the data and limit their access and protect their clients’ information.

Strategic Information System: Unjust or Not?

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Today is the generation of tech hype society where information systems are essential in every organization.  The rise of the strategic information systems gives competitive advantage to the company where they perform activities in a unique way and less expensive than its competitors. It also delivers it products or services at a lower cost which is in favor in both parties of the manufacturers and customers since it attracts more possible clients to the company and ensure the satisfaction of its buyers, but the company needs to continuously modify and enhance its system and its strength to maintain its leading edge against others. More over they also need to be conscious and mindful in using new technologies in order to prevent its undesirable outcomes that could result to the company’s bleeding edge.

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SIS is a computer system that allows the company to recognize opportunities for growth and pinpoint ways to improve operational efficiency which can lower or cross cut its expenses which sometimes can lead to open up new markets and businesses in expanding their organization. It is not an unfair advantage because it is just one of the management strategies to maintain its operation and to earn more profit. It is also a kind of investment.

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 There is a possibility that it can cause the downfall of other smaller and weaker companies who can’t afford to build similar or better systems especially if it is using outdated SIS and do not gratify its customer needs. In addition, these can also increase the competition in the market. As we all know, the greater the competition the greater possibility that the competing companies will find more ways to improve their products and lower its cost in order to be the leading corporation which is more advantage at consumers’ part.

Perks and Drawbacks of Traditional Commerse and eCommerce

The availability of Internet access gave rise to eCommerce and lessened the increase of growth of traditional commerce. However, they are different, and it’s important to weight carefully the differences in order to decide if it would be useful to you.
Traditional commerce is often based around face to face or direct interaction. The customer has a chance to ask questions to the seller to ensure a satisfactory transaction and be able to touch and check the items, to make sure they are suitable, and even try them on, whereas in eCommerce customers feel insecure because they cannot identify the seller and it doesn’t offer the benefit to inquire for a product unless features such as related items or live chats are implemented. You do not have the option of testing the product before its delivery. The product might have some faults since you can only see the visuals but not the actual product and it might not be similar to what delivered to you. But, they offer discounts, special deals, and promotions to lure clients to their site and they have wide variety of options.
The major drawback of Ecommerce was that it makes much difficult to detect fraud and for the customers, there is a risk of security of payment through cash cards. An internet spy might crack out the pin and card number and can utilize it for his own profit. Other issues than security and product concerns may have to do with the fact that one may not possess a credit card and the cash on delivery option is not valid for all products. While traditional commerce is not totally secure but it’s easier for them to verify that the buyer is actually the owner of the credit card, by asking for photographic ID.

Does IT Matter?


In this modern and advance generation, Information technology became one of the important element in running a business whether it’s small or an empire since it gives an easy data access for reports preparations to the managers and executives in making right decisions for the company. It provides overall information and resources needed for its operation that can help them to keep track of the activities of the company to avoid frauds and duplicate transactions. These also provides framework to evaluate the organization’s stability and capacity to provide and meet the demands of its customers. It also gives an overall picture of the company which they were able to highlight their strengths and weaknesses.


These data can also help the management staffers for better understanding of their own department’s contribution towards attaining the organizational goal. In addition, it reduces company’s operating costs, improves efficiency and productivity, and provides security to vital information from catastrophe and supports management decision making in order to be competitive advantage to its rival companies which means they had the ability to do something better, faster, cheaper and uniquely products or services that can satisfy their present and future patrons and investors.

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